Source Mortgage is Growing its Lender Network Even Further!

Source Mortgage is Growing its Lender Network Even Further! - Source Mortgage - Mortgage Specialists Alberta
Source Mortgage is Growing its Lender Network Even Further!

If you’re a veteran to home buying, then you already know that one of the best things about working with a mortgage broker is access to their huge network of lenders. Source Mortgage is no different. We’re constantly exploring our city, Alberta, and even all of Canada for new partners. And we’re happy to tell you that we’ve found and signed two more lenders to our network!

Welcome B2B Bank and Servus Credit Union.

B2B Bank is a subsidiary of the Laurentian Bank of Canada. It’s based out of Toronto, and while it’s a relatively new player in Canada — it became a Schedule I bank in 2012, B2B has a long history thanks to its parent Laurentian, and it has been working with Canadians since 2000. We’re confident that this lender will help us provide our clients with the mortgage solutions they want.

Servus Credit Union is an Albertan lender based out of Edmonton. This credit union was created from a proud history of Albertans helping Albertans. With over 390,000 owners — most of whom are everyday Albertans like you, this is a lender we’re proud to have in our network. Because this credit union is centred in Alberta, we know they’ll understand the wants and needs of our clients.

Our Wider Network Benefits our Clients.

We’re pleased to say we’re not just expanding our lending network, we’re also expanding our services. B2B bank allows us to provide self employed Calgarians with many new products. This is exciting for both us and our clients, as previously it could be difficult for someone self employed for fewer than 2 years to find a suitable mortgage solution. B2B also gives our clients the opportunity to choose flex down (zero down payment). This makes homeownership more accessible than ever to everyone!

Servus Credit Union understands that Albertans need access to a range of mortgage products. Not everyone wants to live in a typical suburban home, and by partnering with Servus, we can now better help those Albertans looking for an alternative option. A variety of financing products for mobile homes, acreages, and construction builds will help our clients to purchase the home they really want. Servus also offers home equity lines of credit and strives to offer all their customers exceptional service.

Here at Source Mortgage, we’re very excited to have these new lenders on board. We know that their unique histories and cultures will help us to help our clients with their home financing needs. If you’re ready to research your financing options, then contact the mortgage specialists at Source Mortgage today! We’ll help you find the best product and lender for you.

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