Social Distancing and Real Estate

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Social Distancing and Real Estate

It’s no surprise that the pandemic has deeply impacted the real estate industry. New rates and new rules have forced mortgage professionals, buyers, and sellers alike to adjust to new normals. Like everywhere else, social distancing has become a key part of maintaining the health and safety of our families and our communities, but what does that look like for the housing industry? This week we are going to take a look at some of the precautions and adjustments you may notice if you’re in the market to purchase or sell a home.

Live Showings

There’s nothing that beats walking into a house and physically feeling it out. Would your furniture fit in the living room? How does the hardwood floor look in natural light? Could you imagine this space being home? For those who still want the experience of walking around a potential home, live showings are still often available. In these cases, certain safeguards are can be put in place:

  • House is sanitized before and after viewing.

  • Hand sanitizer or disinfecting towelettes available for potential purchasers.

  • Children are left at home.

  • Real estate agents and buyers come in separate vehicles.

Virtual Tours

Real estate professionals have gotten creative when it comes to showing off houses. By offering virtual tours as an alternative to live showings, more potential homebuyers are able to view the home from the comfort of their own. Short videos, live chats, and other virtual options allow buyers to see all aspects of the home as if they were there. When preparing for a virtual tour, buyers should make a list of all the aspects of the home they would like to see so that they don’t forget during their tour time.

These changes aren’t limited just to real estate agents, other professionals have had to implement increased flexibility in their day to day lives. Emails, video conferencing, and phone calls are now the main forms of communication for these housing experts. Our own team of brokers has learned to adjust to the shifting business practices we face in 2020. At the end of the day, homes will always be in demand, our job now is to ensure that these transactions happen in a safe and effective manner. For mortgage brokers in the Calgary area who will take your concerns seriously and help you navigate the home buying process, contact our team at Source Mortgage!

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