Selling Your Home? Add Value with These Renos

Selling Your Home? Add Value with These Renos - Source Mortgage Centre - Alberta Mortgage Brokers
Selling Your Home? Add Value with These Renos

If you are selling your home it can be hard to know what renovations impact market value the most. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top three renovations that will give you the best return on your investment:

Flooring can help to attain a sense of continuity throughout your home. This flow is an asset that homebuyers will subconsciously pick up on right away. Hardwood floors are in high demand and can increase the value of your home. So whether you need to refinish what you already have or tear out the shag carpets, make sure to budget for an appealing floor. When it comes to bathrooms, tile is easy to clean, looks great, and retains value over time as opposed to other options.


The kitchen is the gathering place in every home. No matter how beautiful your living room is, by the end of any social event, your company will have naturally gathered in the kitchen. That being said, potential homebuyers will likely be imagining their family and friends sifting through the cupboards and hanging out around the island. If that space is not something that you’re proud to show off, you can bet that they won’t be excited about it either. Freshen up your kitchen by giving it a new paint job, refinishing the cabinets, and replacing those old appliances. Done well, these renovations will significantly increase the value of your home on the market.


While the kitchen is a gathering place, your bathroom is a solitary space; a sanctuary of sorts. This is where you can escape from the kids for a few precious moments, draw a hot bath, and meditate to the sound of your favourite tunes on your iPhone speakers. Or maybe it’s just where you get a chance to play Candy Crush in peace. Either way, the bathroom is the only room in the house that sees you at your absolute worst and your very best. Make sure that this room is clean, bright, functional, and modern. If you can add another bathroom, do it! Take advantage of dead space and install a three-piece bathroom. The more bathrooms, the higher the market value of your home.

Making sure that these three aspects are taken care of will draw in potential homebuyers and keep them bidding!

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