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What Gives your House Worth - Source Mortgage Centre - mortgage rate Alberta
What Gives your House Worth?

A lot of different factors affect just how much your home is worth. Like with most things in life, you have control over some but not all of these. The fluctuating market conditions for example are rarely in your control unless you’re very patient. You’ll have some influence on the marketing your agent does on [...]

By Source Mortgage on December 22, 2014
in Mortgage Broker Services
Three Tips to Make your Home Feel More Luxurious - Source Mortgage Centre - mortgage rate Alberta
All About Credit Score

Credit scores are very important, little numbers now a days. They are how an institution evaluates whether the person applying for a mortgage is trustworthy. We no longer live in a world where people can just vouch for one another or a person’s word counts for a lot. We live in a world of numbers [...]

By Source Mortgage on December 10, 2014
in Mortgage Broker Services
Tips to Help Save a Down Payment

Is it feeling like it’s past time to start working towards getting into your first home? Many renters want to be homeowners, but they aren’t sure how they’ll ever afford the down payment. While a first time homeowner may be able to get away with as little as 5% down, it’s generally recommended to have [...]

By Source Mortgage on November 20, 2014
in Mortgage Broker Services
What Type of Mortgage Rate Best Suits Your Needs

When soon to be homeowners begin shopping for their first mortgage, many of them make the mistake of thinking their interest rate and the fees are the only things that matter. However, there’s much more to a mortgage than just the rate you’re paying right now. Each type of mortgage rate can fluctuate differently depending [...]

By Source Mortgage on November 10, 2014
in Mortgage Broker Services
Becoming a Landlord

There’s something about homeownership. Without really knowing why, most people want to buy and own their own home. They can paint it the way the want; they can decorate or be noisy. However, before owning their own home, most people have rented at some time. While some enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with [...]

By Source Mortgage on October 15, 2014
in Mortgage Broker Services
How to Maximize Value of Your Calgary Home

When there’s only a couple weeks or months before your house goes on the market, it may feel like you’ve run out of time to increase your homes value. After all, renovations often fall behind schedule, and no one wants to dump tens of thousands of dollars into a house they’re selling shortly. However there [...]

By Source Mortgage on October 6, 2014
in Mortgage Broker Services
How Big is the Average Home?

You may be wondering how big is the average house? What qualifies as a “tiny” or “micro” house? When you’re looking at the square feet of a potential home, what actually counts? It can be hard for first time homeowners to know exactly how much space the houses they’re look at will have or how [...]

By Source Mortgage on September 30, 2014
in Mortgage Broker Services
To Rent or To Buy, That is the Question

And often, it can be a terribly complicated question at that. It’s a complex calculation that depends on many factors. How much do homes in your area cost compared to the price of rent? What does the interest rates look like? What sort of homes are available? How long are you planning on staying? What [...]

By Source Mortgage on September 15, 2014
in Mortgage Broker Services
Two Renovations that Don’t Add Up.

Property is a great investment. Given enough time, land usually increases in value because, after all, they can’t really make any more of it. It then stands to reason that improving your property and your house will also be a great investment, and it’s true. Many renovations and upgrades do wonders for your property value. [...]

By Lori on August 28, 2014
in Mortgage Broker Services
shutterstock_189616751 (2)
Top Two Renos for Added Property Value

In the world of home renovation, there is a huge variety of feats that can be accomplished. However the unfortunate fact is, most renos won’t add to your property’s value. Invisible upgrades to your plumbing or vacuuming system for example aren’t likely to add much if any additional property value. This is a bit too [...]

By Lori on August 25, 2014
in Mortgage Broker Services
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