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Tax Benefits to Owning a Home - Source Mortgage - Mortgage Experts Calgary
Tax Benefits to Owning a Home

In Canada, there are many tax benefits available for Canadians beginning their adventure into homeownership. It’d take us a long time to write about all of them, so if you’re interested in learning about other tax benefits, we recommend coming into Source Mortgage to talk with one of our experts! In the meantime, here are [...]

By Source Mortgage on April 1, 2016
in Mortgage Broker Services
credit cards
Does Shopping Around For Credit Really Impact My Score Negatively?

Many of our clients who have already been to a bank or broker are reluctant to have us give a second opinion for fear having their credit pulled multiple times will impact them negatively for “credit seeking”. Fortunately the credit reporting agencies allow for a certain amount of shopping around for things like cars or [...]

By Jodi on March 6, 2016
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What You Should Look for in a Mortgage Broker - Source Mortgage - Mortgage Broker Alberta
What You Should Look for in a Mortgage Broker

Buying a house — whether it’s your first home or your twelfth revenue property — is a big financial decision that requires careful consideration. Most Albertans spend 20-30 years paying off their mortgage, so it’s important to know that the mortgage broker you’re working with is acting in your best interest and is there to [...]

By Source Mortgage on March 1, 2016
in Mortgage Broker Services
Thinking of Getting Your Mortgage at the Bank? - Source Mortgage - Mortgage Professionals Calgary
Thinking of Getting Your Mortgage at the Bank?

When Albertans are getting ready to purchase their first home, they usually head for the bank to shop for their mortgage. But is that actually the best idea? At Source Mortgage, we truly believe that Albertans find the best mortgage deals when working with a mortgage broker company. Here’s why! We’re Your Agent. Your bank [...]

By Source Mortgage on February 1, 2016
in Mortgage Broker Services
All About the New Down Payment Rules

If you haven’t heard, the down payment rules in Canada are changing this February. On the 15th, homebuyers will need to cough up a downpayment of 10% for any portion of their home exceeding $500 000, but what does that really mean for you? How The Change Works. At the moment, homebuyers can generally purchase [...]

By Source Mortgage on January 4, 2016
in Mortgage Broker Services
What a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist Can do for You!

At Source Mortgage, our agents are constantly striving to learn and improve our business so that we can offer Calgarians the best mortgage information and products. Recently, our team has gone through some additional training to become certified reverse mortgage specialists. We are now the only brokerage in central Alberta and one of only a [...]

By Source Mortgage on December 1, 2015
in Mortgage Broker Services
Why We LOVE Encompass Home Warranty Program

We’ve blogged before about the many great features that are available when you buy a mortgage. Thing like portability, prepayment options  and home insurance programs that should be considered just as seriously as the interest rate. Today, we’d like to discuss one particular home insurance program and explain why a couple real-life experiences by one of [...]

By Source Mortgage on November 3, 2015
in Mortgage Broker Services
How has the Prime Rate Drop in July Affected Rates for Canadians?

If you’re in the market for a new mortgage — or are getting ready to renew or refinance the one you already have, you may have heard about the prime rate dropping in July. Prime rate is defined as the lowest rate of interest at which money can be lent. It’s important to note that [...]

By Source Mortgage on October 6, 2015
in Mortgage Broker Services
Mortgage Features

Over the years, we’ve found many of the new home buyers that comes in to talk to our experts are shopping purely for interest rates. Interest rates are important, and it makes sense that Albertans want to get the best one possible. But many of these clients don’t realize that other mortgage benefits and features [...]

By Source Mortgage on September 7, 2015
in Mortgage Broker Services
Are you Pre-Approved?

At Source Mortgage we have the privilege of working with a lot of Calgarians old and brand new. We also meet a lot of Canadians hoping to become Calgarians, but who are still searching for the right home. House prices aren’t as high as they were and interest rates are nice and low, so we’ve [...]

By Source Mortgage on August 4, 2015
in Mortgage Broker Services
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