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What to look for in Canadian mortgage brokers?
What to Look for in Canadian Mortgage Brokers

Far too many Canadians simply walk down the street to their local bank when they need a home loan, even though good mortgage brokers could earn them a much better rate by negotiating with different lenders to ensure they’re getting the best possible mortgage rate. That’s changing, though, as more and more homebuyers and homeowners [...]

By Lori on November 29, 2012
in Mortgage Broker Services
Could This be the Perfect Time to Buy A Home or Refinance the One You Have?
Could This be the Perfect Time to Buy a Home or Refinance the One You Have?

As we have noted in the past, relatively recent changes to legislation and lending guidelines have made it tougher for new and lesser-qualified borrowers to get home loans. What sometimes gets lost in the discussion about tighter credit, however, is that home loan rates in Canada are at a historic 60-year low. In other words, [...]

By Lori on November 15, 2012
in Mortgage Broker Services
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Why and How the Canadian Mortgage Industry is Changing

If you’re someone who has bought a home in the past, and have thought about doing it again recently, you’ve probably noticed that the Canadian mortgage industry has changed quite a bit in the past couple of years. The rash of bad loans throughout North America has led both lenders and lawmakers to a new [...]

By Lori on October 31, 2012
in Mortgage Broker Services, Uncategorized
What Every Canadian Should Know About Mortgage Broker Services

Where do you turn when you need to find a loan to buy a new home or condo? If you’re like most Canadians, you head down to your local bank, see the loan officer, and find out what kinds of rates and financing are available. What you might not realize, however, is that there is [...]

By Lori on October 12, 2012
in Mortgage Broker Services
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Source was absolutely great to work with - went above and beyond to help us get everything done when buying our new home. Highly recommended!! Chad and Jenelle Richards Jan 09 2013

Chad and Jenelle Richards
Added January 23rd 2013

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6mth Term 3.95%
1yr Term 2.99%
2yr Term 2.69%
3yr Term 2.99%
4yr Term 3.39%
5yr Term 3.04%
V.R.M. Prime-.65 or 2.35%

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