3 Ways to Improve your Credit in 2018

3 Ways to Improve your Credit in 2018 - Source Mortgage - Mortgage Experts Calgary
3 Ways to Improve your Credit in 2018

2018 brings a year full of exciting possibilities and new beginnings. Whether you want to learn a new language or purchase a home, no resolution is too lofty. If your goal is the latter but your poor credit score is holding you back, don’t be discouraged. For those of us who want to leave our bad reports back in 2017, here are three things to help in 2018:

Keep an eye on your payments.

It’s often easy to lose track of payments with such fast-paced lives, but payment history is an integral factor which determines your credit score. Whether you keep an alarm in your phone or install a credit-dedicated app, ensure that you are staying on top of  your payments. Attempt to use less than 35% of your available credit. Not only will that help make payments more manageable, but it will look great on your credit report.

Put in the time.

The length of your credit history also reflects on your report. Essentially, the longer you have a credit account active, the better. Newer accounts don’t look so good, even if you have transferred old accounts into them. If possible, keep an older account open that you don’t need. Use it every once in a while and pay it off regularly.

Use different types of credit

Often forgotten is the fact that your score is also affected by how many different types of credit products you are using. Of course, don’t overload yourself by taking on more than you can afford, but be open to having a reasonable mix of credit. Having a credit card, a car loan, and a line of credit will often reflect better on your report than just having a credit card.

So there you have it; three simple but effective methods that will help you improve your credit score! If you need a little extra boost, we offer services that can further benefit you, such as CRA debt relief and debt consolidation.

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