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One Common Misconception About Canadian Mortgage Brokers and Home Loans

Although it’s very common in the US for home buyers to visit mortgage brokers and compare rates or examine the different products available on the market, most Canadians still settle for visiting the local branch of their bank, asking about a home loan, and signing up for the first thing they’re offered. That’s kind of [...]

By Lori on October 24, 2013
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mortgage broker
Hot Streak in the Canadian Real Estate Market expected to Stay

“Canada’s housing market is back on a roll”, and the streak is expected to continue, says the Globe and Mail. Calgary’s real estate board has shown a 19% increase in sales, and Toronto’s is up 30% over last year. The numbers are all indicating a recovered market, and the good conditions are expected to last. [...]

By Lori on October 18, 2013
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Could You Save Tens of Thousands on a Mortgage Just by Asking?

One thing that always baffles us about the way most Canadians shop for mortgages is that they are simply content to take what’s offered – even though getting a better interest rate on a home loan could save them tens of thousands of dollars in the coming decade or so. Strange as it is, it’s [...]

By Lori on October 14, 2013
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Will Micro-Condos Become Popular in Canada?

These miniature condos of less than 300 square feet are amazing space-savers in crowded cities like New York and Tokyo, but will they take off in Calgary? Read more here: Written by Lori Donovan. Visit Lori on Google+

By ekzact on October 9, 2013
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Heartwarming Stories

Source was absolutely great to work with - went above and beyond to help us get everything done when buying our new home. Highly recommended!! Chad and Jenelle Richards Jan 09 2013

Chad and Jenelle Richards
Added January 23rd 2013

Interest Rates

6mth Term 3.95%
1yr Term 2.99%
2yr Term 2.69%
3yr Term 2.99%
4yr Term 3.39%
5yr Term 3.04%
V.R.M. Prime-.65 or 2.35%

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