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Is it Worth it to Get a Second Opinion From a Canadian Mortgage Broker?

So, you’ve been down to your local bank and gotten approved for a mortgage. That means you are ready to meet with your realtor and go buy a home… right? Actually, we hope you’ll take our advice and call a Canadian mortgage broker (like the experienced team we have here at Source Mortgage) to get a second [...]

By Lori on February 26, 2013
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How a Canadian mortgage broker can help you think outside the box
How a Good Canadian Mortgage Agent Can Help You Think Outside the Box

When it comes to finding the right mortgage in Canada, most home buyers don’t think very far beyond interest rates. Now, the interest you’ll pay on your home loan certainly is important – especially when you figure out the difference even a 10th of a percentage point can make over 15 or 30 years – [...]

By Lori on February 21, 2013
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What every real estate agent should know about Mortgage Brokers in Canada
What Every Real Estate Agent Should Know About Mortgage Brokers in Canada

As we have noted on our blog before, we find it amazing that more homebuyers aren’t familiar with Canadian mortgage brokers. What’s even more strange, however, is that a lot of their realtors aren’t, either. That seems to be changing, but we feel that every good real estate agent in Alberta should have a mortgage broker they can [...]

By Lori on February 12, 2013
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Canadian Mortgage Rates
Are There Really Significant Differences Between Mortgages in Alberta?

As an Alberta mortgage broker, we are always trying to persuade home buyers to let us put the power of competition working in their favor by working with dozens of banks to find the right loan. And yet, the average home buyer will simply go to their local bank to get a mortgage, effectively ignoring all [...]

By Lori on February 7, 2013
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Source was absolutely great to work with - went above and beyond to help us get everything done when buying our new home. Highly recommended!! Chad and Jenelle Richards Jan 09 2013

Chad and Jenelle Richards
Added January 23rd 2013

Interest Rates

6mth Term 3.95%
1yr Term 2.99%
2yr Term 2.69%
3yr Term 2.99%
4yr Term 3.39%
5yr Term 3.04%
V.R.M. Prime-.65 or 2.35%

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